Dalrada Precision is more than a mechanical contract provider. We see ourselves as an extension of your engineering and operations team helping devise bespoke manufacturing solutions tailored to your products.

We are able to engage at any stage of your product lifecycle from concept and design to mass production and logistics to help manage, control and provide value to your products.

Dalrada Precision is dedicated to removing the difficulties of contract manufacturing and supply chain and reducing your costs and time to market.


Dalrada Precision has built a solid reputation for working with innovative companies across different industries and is focused on making sure your parts are designed for manufacture and can seamlessly move from planning to production. We take a holistic approach of your products and in collaboration with your team will determine the best materials, tools and manufacturing processes to realize your needs quickly and efficiently.


Dalrada's teams in the United States and South East Asia work closely together throughout the manufacturing process ensuring seamless support and eliminating potential delays during the manufacturing process. Our in house capabilities of tooling design and production, sheet metal fabrication, Computer Numerically Controlled machining and metal stamping allows you the ease of working with a one stop mechanical solution.


Operational Excellence is at the heart of Dalrada’s manufacturing process. Our commitment to the relentless pursuit of improving performance and profitability is not only based around the traditional development of productivity, efficiency and standardization but also the building mindsets of innovation customization, collaboration and speed optimization.


It's important that our engineers are collaborating with your mechanical engineers early in the prototyping and NPI stages where design challenges or cost avoidance opportunities can be reviewed based on the design and chosen manufacturing process. 

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is a critical step in the manufacturing process and ensures your parts look and function as intended. Our DFM engineers review 2D & 3D part prints and identify design modifications based on expected geometric tolerances. 

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