Our products serve truly diverse markets across a wide range of industries, customer types and geographic regions. Below we have listed some of our principal markets where we are making a real difference to the capabilities of our customers. 

We develop innovative products that signifcantly advance our customers' operational performance from improving manufacturing efficiencies and raising product quality, to maximizing research capabilities and improving the efficacy of medial procedures. 


We build products that go in some of the most complex production lines in the world, where tight tolerances and precision accuracy is a must.


Today we build indoor and outdoor cabinets for several customers, as well as smaller communication boxes


We have supported many global customers with control panels and mechanical systems used in the construction of Industrial solutions


We produce a wide variety of high density, low-profile systems and products for our customers, some of which are built on our standard building blocks.


We have supported several regional design centers which have developed medical products for the global market.


Today we support the southeast Asia automotive manufacturers with stamping tools, metal components through regional configuration partners.


Today we support several customers making storage devices and other high volume products, from walkie talkies to mass storage. 


We have supported several NA customers with mechanical design solutions, our facility is AS9100 Certified.


We support some of the defense industries leading contractors with some mission critical components.

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