Dalarda provides a complete suite of manufacturing services with in house tooling, fabrication, machining and stamping to our strategic manufacturing partners in injection moulding, surface mount printed circuit boards assembly, cable assembly and secondary/finishing processes, giving us a wide range of skills and services allowing us to articulate the best possible product solution.


Designing progressive or stage dies for high tolerance production, assemble the dies based on industry needs, build the die or tooling and submit first article parts to the customer and inspect the final product with our state-of-the-art measuring equipment.


Stamping : Stampings are at the heart of our operations. Our computer controlled presses, feeding equipment, and tooling are capable of producing the most complex or simplest part with consistent accuracy. With presses ranging from 260 tons to 5 tons, single-stroke to high speed, we are sure to have the tonnage, bed size, speed and feeding equipment to meet your stamping requirements.

Fabrication : We provide a variety of operations including laser cutting, turret punch, press brake bending, welding, assembly, deburring and cleaning, painting, plating, and heat treating. Dalrada builds different parts from a broad spectrum of materials, sizes, and shapes. Often our tooling accommodates interesting bends and complicated forms that can be used in many types of custom parts and applications.

Computer Numerically Controlled Machining : Our AS9100 certified precision shop specializing in full-service milling, turning, and EDM services. We offer 3/4/5 axis machining, CNC turning and have designed and developed our own bespoke equipment allowing mass production at very competitive pricing.


We have a proved track record for providing comprehensive electromechanical contract manufacturing and assembly services. We perform electromechanical contract manufacturing, box builds, and clean room assembly on a wide range of industrial control and power panels.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we take quality seriously. To ensure that we always deliver on our quality commitment, we execute 100%, continuity and functionality testing on all of the products we manufacture. Assemblies can be manufactured to meet standards such as UL, CSA, and CE, and include all applicable documentation including all COC, test reports, and certifications. 


Micro-machining is a venting process for today's data center and communication markets. The hexagonal features achieve far greater airflow than traditional round holes, with an 80% + open web area and material thickness of 2mm to 5mm that ensures the robustness of Faceplate or complete front Panel.

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